Biblical Family Values

Genesis 25:19-26July 14, 2019Union University Church    Reverend Laurie DeMott For the past couple of weeks, I have been recording bible stories and posting them to a podcast called “Summer Bible Stories for the children of the Union University Church.”  Although I am supposedly recording them for the kids, I know some adults are listening as well … More Biblical Family Values

Greasing the Divine Wheels

excerpts from Genesis 24July 7, 2019Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott Abraham and Sarah’s precious son Isaac, named for laughter because of the joy he brought into his parents’ life when he was born, has now hit puberty and his father has stopped laughing.  To Abraham’s dismay, Isaac is showing all the signs of awakening … More Greasing the Divine Wheels

The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:4 ffJune 30, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott How would you define Paradise?   And I don’t mean a dictionary definition; I mean, if you were suddenly handed a ticket that said, “Destination Paradise,” what would you expect to see when you arrived?  In a book of children’s letters to God, (1) a little … More The Garden of Eden

Ask the Pastor

Acts 11:19-26June 23, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott This past year in book group, we read a book called “75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know,” and each week as we went through three or four chapters, Sally Hopkins would try to find a unifying theme between the works covered in those chapters.  Sometimes it was … More Ask the Pastor

Our Sorrows Will Cease

Revelation 7:13-17, 21:1-4June 2, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott On April 23rd, in Orem, Utah, 51 year old Laurel Terry died suddenly and unexpectedly leaving behind her husband Will and three sons. 1  Will was, as you can imagine, devastated and as news of his wife’s death was posted on the internet, there was an … More Our Sorrows Will Cease

The Lamb that Was Slain

Revelation 5:1-10May 26, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott  The scripture reading is Revelation 5:1-10 and as I mentioned earlier in this sermon series, the book of Revelation is best thought of as a theatrical presentation, so today rather than reading the verses to you, I will do a re-telling of them and invite you to … More The Lamb that Was Slain

Redeeming the Angels

Revelation 2:1-7May 19, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott Last week, I preached about the ways in which our institutions and corporate lives develop certain characters that endure even when individuals within those institutions come and go.  Those corporate cultures are persistent over time and resistant to change, and consequently when that institutional culture includes injustice … More Redeeming the Angels


Revelation 1:9-2:7May 12, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott This past week, I was listening to a discussion on the radio in which one of the broadcasters was relating a story about his attic and he said, “My attic has those drop down stairs, you know the ones that you can pull down that turn into … More Zugtreppe