Free Ding Jiaxi


Ding Jiaxi is the husband of our church member, Sophie Luo who has been working in the US for several years, and father to their daughter Caroline, who was a member of our youth group before she began college this fall.  Jiaxi remained in China to pursue his peaceful work for increased human rights in China.

On December 26, 2019, was taken into custody on by the Chinese police while attending a peaceful legal dinner party. They did not have an arrest warrant. He is being held in an undisclosed location without access to legal representation. His family has not been given any information about his whereabouts or his condition, nor have they been allowed to communicate with him. We are afraid he is at risk to be tortured.

China is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Ding Jiaxi’s arrest violates the rights afforded to citizens in that document.

What you can do:

1. Write a letter directly to the Chinese government using the Amnesty International link (and share it with others):

2. Download the petition here

3. Share the situation and petition with your church, colleagues, bowling league, friends  — wherever you think you can find people willing to take a minute to help — and collect signatures on the signature sheet.  The more pages the better but even one page will be great.  (Addresses add legitimacy to the signature but if people are reluctant to share full addresses, they can give just their state, or leave the address blank)
       Do not have them sign the letter itself — that is for your information and so that they know what they are signing.  We will attach all of the signature sheets to one letter when we mail it to China.

4. Scan and email the signature sheets to our minister at, or if you want to go old school, mail them to her at Reverend DeMott, 29 N. Main St. Alfred, NY by March 20th.

5. Pray for Jiaxi, his wife and family, and for all of us as we work for justice on his behalf.

Watch a video of Sophie Luo’s presentation at Alfred University on Feb 17, 2020

Sophie’s Youtube appeal