Sermons & Worship from November 2023

Servant Leadership

By Rev. Wendy DeMott Fambro Rev. Fambro is an ordained American Baptist minister who retired 2 years ago after serving a variety of churches and campus ministries. She now works full-time teaching tai chi and wellness classes to older adults in the Finger Lakes region. Scripture: Mark 10:35-37; 41-45

A Broad Place

Scripture: Joshua 2:1-24 May the Spirit that hushes and stills be present in this moment. May we choose to be more discerning with our words and the impulses that inspire us to articulate them.Amen The Lord be with you… We find the story of Ra-háv or Rahab in the book of Joshua, primarily in chapter 2. Joshua is a book about the conquest of Canaan by the children of Israel under the military commander Joshua or Yehoshu’a, whose name means…

Don’t Drive the Tent Pegs in Too Deep

By Reverend Peg Williams. A native Hoosier, Peg graduated from Indiana University and then Christian Theological Seminary, both in Indianapolis. Ordained as an American Baptist minister, she has served a variety of denominations in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and Western New York. Scripture: Numbers 9:15-23; Matthew 5:13-16

A Beautiful Life

By Reverend Michael Jordan. Rev. Jordan is the Dean of the Chapel at Houghton University and teaches on worship, spiritual formation, Biblical studies, and Christian leadership. He is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and has two decades of pastoral experience in church and educational settings. Scripture: Psalm 104:1-4, 14-23