Privacy Policy

Websites are often the first entry point for visitors wishing to become acquainted with the church, and photos and descriptions of activities are a wonderful source of information about the character of the congregational life.  In addition, church members find websites a useful means of accessing material helpful to their ministries within the church.  Nevertheless, we also respect our members’ rights to privacy.  Recognizing that anything one puts on the Internet is subject to distribution, we take the following precautions in what we post to the Internet whether through our web site, or Facebook, or any other Internet site.

1. Staff:  We list names and office email addresses and phone numbers only.

2. Adult members:   We use full names if a person is a contact for an activity or on a volunteer list but we don’t list email addresses unless a person has specifically given permission.  We don’t post phone numbers or addresses on public pages.  The church directory is on the website but it is password protected.

3. Youth and children:  Although we do post pictures of our children, we never label them with names, and they are always pictures taken in public places so that homes could not be identified.  Furthermore, even though the church directory posted to the web is password protected, we have taken the additional precaution of posting a version which doesn’t contain children’s names or photos.  Parents always have the option of choosing not to have any pictures of their children posted.

If you ever have any concerns about what we have posted to the website (or Facebook) please contact the church office at 607.587.9288, or email us at