Caring in the Community and World

Serve the Lord with gladness …

UNICEFfor webWe demonstrate Christ’s compassion for others as we address the range of human needs outlined in Matthew 25:34-36:  hunger, poverty, incarceration, illness, and the needs of refugees.  Every month we highlight a local or national organization that is doing work in these areas and throughout the month, we learn more about their work, and support it with our prayers and offerings.

Some of the organizations we support include: (The date in parentheses is the year we began our giving.)

Alfred Area Food Pantry:   The Food Pantry is housed in the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Alfred Station and serves people of the Alfred-Alfred Station area. The children of our church bring food for the Pantry every Sunday which is collected during the Children’s Time in worship. Adults also contribute both food and volunteer time at the Pantry.

Allegany County Senior Foundation: (2009): Identifies the unique needs of seniors living in Allegany County that are not being met by current services, and tries to efficiently coordinate and fund if necessary non-governmental efforts to fill those gaps.

Almond Good Samaritan House:  (1994)  The Almond Union of Churches in Almond, NY (the next village over) administers this house which provides temporary housing to people in need.  The maximum stay allowed is 30 days.

Cameron Community Ministries:(1995)  This ministry began as a soup Cameron for webkitchen in one of Rochester’s poorest districts and has expanded to offer medical services, counseling services, teenage pregnancy prevention programs, youth services, and many other innovative programs.

Colgate Rochester Divinity School:  (1970s) Many of our pastors, including the Rev. DeMott, have received their training in theological studies from this seminary.

Comfort House of Allegany County: (2010) A house in Wellsville, NY operated for the purpose of providing assistance and comfort care to terminally ill residents and their families. Can accommodate up to two terminally ill patients and family members at a time.

Faith in Action: (1998) Coordinates a large network of volunteers who visit the homebound in the wider Hornell area (including Alfred).  Volunteers may also help out with odd jobs, and provide other small services to their assigned person.  Several members of the congregation volunteer with the Interfaith Caregivers.

Habitat for Humanity: Genesee Valley Chapter:  (1993) Habitat for Humanity provides low-cost housing by working with a family to build their own home.  The Genesee Valley Chapter covers Allegany County and beyond.

Haiti Outreach: (2007)  After a youth service trip to Pignon, Haiti to help build a home for a family, our youth urged the church to support the work of Haiti Outreach in that region. Haiti Outreach is a community based organization that, among other things, funds scholarships for school children and is digs wells for villages to provide clean drinking water.

In addition, the Board sponsors a community UNICEF drive in the fall, supports distribution of Christmas baskets to families in need, has given special offerings to Matthew 25: Ministries for crisis relief, and takes on an intergenerational special service project each year during the weeks of Lent.

In a growicropped-img_4330.jpgng awareness of our environmental responsibilities, we also celebrate the Blessing of the Beasts in October when we give thanks for the animals in our lives, and Earth Sunday in April when we engage in service projects to show our care f the earth.

(Updated 9-01-15