In or Out?

Matthew 20:1-16 September 16, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott In 1848, a thirteen year old boy from Scotland came to the town of Allegheny, Pennsylvania and went to work as a bobbin boy in a cotton mill for $1.20 a week.  He had no formal education but he was willing to work hard and … More In or Out?

The Serpent Enters

Genesis 4:1-16 Sept 2, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott As I have mentioned before, I maintain a database of all of the sermons I have ever preached and sometimes when I’m preaching on a certain theme or scripture, I’ll search through that database to see what I’ve said about that topic before.  Usually … More The Serpent Enters

Why Envy Made the List

August 26, 2018 James 3:13-18 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott I was recently scrolling through the web looking for a reference when, as so often happens, an article about something entirely different caught my eye.  I don’t now remember what my original search was about because I abandoned it and instead read the article … More Why Envy Made the List

A Theology of Forgiveness

Luke 17:1-4 August 19, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott This past week, the news was once again full of reports about sexual abuse, about powerful men using their positions to force unwanted intimacy upon others, but this time the perpetrators of the abuse were not politicians or rich Hollywood producers; they were priests, … More A Theology of Forgiveness

All Things Hold Together

Colossians 1:11-17 July 15, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott Have you ever heard the phrase, “organizing principle?”  The phrase is quite popular with pundits, so much so that when I googled the phrase this week, my search turned up 3,480,000 web pages containing the phrase.  Obviously, I didn’t read all of those references but … More All Things Hold Together

Five Hour Energy Faith

Isaiah 40:28-31 Galatians 6:9-10 July 8, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott One of the first psalms I memorized as a child, Psalm 100, proclaimed that we should, “Serve the Lord with gladness!” and Isaiah echoes this sentiment, promising that the faithful will not faint or grow tired but will be borne aloft on … More Five Hour Energy Faith

“Lo, Here it Is”

I Thessalonians 4:13-18;  Luke 17:20–21 June 10, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott Do you remember what you were doing last September 23rd?  If it helps, it was a Saturday — the fourth Saturday in September.  Did you sleep in?  Were you working, traveling, cleaning the house?  How were you feeling that day, do … More “Lo, Here it Is”

The Trinity of Our Souls

Romans 14:7-9 Union University Church June 3, 2018 Reverend Laurie DeMott For years I have been putting quotes in the bulletin based on the theme of the service and when I first began that practice, I collected quotes from my reading or looked up topics in Bartlett’s Quotations but now I get my quotes from … More The Trinity of Our Souls