Keeping a Holy Day

Leviticus 19:1-2; Psalm 66:1-4; Luke 13:10-16Reverend Dr. Louise Barger A Sabbath, a day called Holy, a weekly day of rest had no parallel in any ancient civilization except among the Jews. In ancient times leisure was for the wealthy and the ruling classes only; never for the serving or laboring classes. The very idea of … More Keeping a Holy Day

Sisters of the Faith

Judges 4:1-5; Psalm 31:1-3; Romans 16:1-5Reverend Dr. Louise Barger Recently there has been a series of commercials built around the heritage that we have from our mothers and grandmothers. The commercials end by asking, “Who are the strong women in your life?” Today we salute the mothers of our nation, and I want to add … More Sisters of the Faith

In Remembrance of Me

Exodus 13:1-8; Psalm 136:1-4; Luke 22:14-20Reverend Dr. Louise Barger Grace Greater Than Our Sin is the hymn written by Julia H. Johnston in 1911. Listen to some of the words: Marvelous, infinite, matchless graceFreely bestowed on all who believe!You that are longing to see His faceWill you this moment His grace receive?Grace, grace, God’s graceGrace … More In Remembrance of Me