John 2:1-11February 28, 2021Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott As I have mentioned, I have been preaching on the passages that each gospel writer has used to introduce us to Jesus and his ministry, because these opening passages set the tone for everything the gospel writers are about to say.  Authors recognize the power of the … More Miracles


Matthew 5:1-9February 14, 2021Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott This past Wednesday, the actress Gina Carano lost her job with Lucasfilms.  Carano was on the television series “The Mandalorian,” and for those not familiar with it, the Mandalorian is a show set in the Star Wars universe.  Even those of you who have never watched it … More Peacemakers

The Main Thing

Mark 1:35-39    February 7, 2021Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott When I was in seminary, my New Testament professor, Beverly Gaventa, was a young mother of a three year old and I remember during one lecture she described what it was like to juggle child care and teaching.  “A few weeks ago,” she said, “I thought the … More The Main Thing