The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:4 ffJune 30, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott How would you define Paradise?   And I don’t mean a dictionary definition; I mean, if you were suddenly handed a ticket that said, “Destination Paradise,” what would you expect to see when you arrived?  In a book of children’s letters to God, (1) a little … More The Garden of Eden

Ask the Pastor

Acts 11:19-26June 23, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott This past year in book group, we read a book called “75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know,” and each week as we went through three or four chapters, Sally Hopkins would try to find a unifying theme between the works covered in those chapters.  Sometimes it was … More Ask the Pastor

Our Sorrows Will Cease

Revelation 7:13-17, 21:1-4June 2, 2019Union University ChurchReverend Laurie DeMott On April 23rd, in Orem, Utah, 51 year old Laurel Terry died suddenly and unexpectedly leaving behind her husband Will and three sons. 1  Will was, as you can imagine, devastated and as news of his wife’s death was posted on the internet, there was an … More Our Sorrows Will Cease