Wait in Silence

Habakkuk 2:20 September 23, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott  On Friday night, I spent a half an hour tucked under my basement stairwell doing absolutely nothing. The emergency alert on my phone had gone off, warning that a tornado had been seen in the vicinity and telling me to seek shelter immediately. “Do … More Wait in Silence

In or Out?

Matthew 20:1-16 September 16, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott In 1848, a thirteen year old boy from Scotland came to the town of Allegheny, Pennsylvania and went to work as a bobbin boy in a cotton mill for $1.20 a week.  He had no formal education but he was willing to work hard and … More In or Out?

The Serpent Enters

Genesis 4:1-16 Sept 2, 2018 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott As I have mentioned before, I maintain a database of all of the sermons I have ever preached and sometimes when I’m preaching on a certain theme or scripture, I’ll search through that database to see what I’ve said about that topic before.  Usually … More The Serpent Enters