Help My Unbelief

Mark 9:14-29 Sept 27, 2015 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott Imagine that you are driving along a country road about sunset: the leaves of the poplars which edge the road burn with sun while the pine forest behind them settles into the shadowy sleep of dusk, and ahead of you cutting its way through … More Help My Unbelief

One At a Time

Isaiah 55:1-5 Luke 5:27-32 Union University Church September 20, 2015 Reverend Laurie DeMott You may not know his name, but you probably know his face, or at least the picture of his small body being cradled in the arms of a Coast Guard on a beach in Turkey.  His name was Aylan Kurdi, and he was … More One At a Time

Christ the Wisdom of God

I Corinthians 1:18-31 September 6, 2015 Union University Church Reverend Laurie DeMott The last four weeks, I have been preaching on the Wisdom literature in the Bible asking, “What does it mean to be wise?”  A teacher once asked her students to write down “words of wisdom” that they would pass on to other kids, … More Christ the Wisdom of God